Waverley Adult Literacy Program

“Literacy Is A Right”

Adult Education


Mission Statement

The Waverley Adult Literacy Program (W.A.L.P) holds the philosophy that literacy is the right of each individual. Our aim is to provide a basic education to any adult in the community seeking to improve their basic literacy skills and thus enhance their lifestyle.

Holding eleven classes a week from conversation to writing, from reading to computer literacy, the Waverley Adult Literacy Program, in partnership with the Amaroo Neighbourhood Centre, is proud to provide such a wide range of classes for the community.


Below this form you will find a Timetable. Simply enter the class name and the day it is on into the third section of this form.
If there is anything that the instructor, Gloria, needs to be aware of, please detail this in the fourth section of this form. Or alternatively, call Gloria on 9807 2322

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ESL and course in preliminary spoken and written English (CPWSE)
Time: Monday’s 9:30AM to 12PM

Conversation class for beginners.
Time: Monday’s 12:30PM to 2:30PM

Level 1 ESL - Certificate 1 in spoken and written English.
Time: Tuesday’s 9:30AM to 12PM

Intermediate and advanced conversations in English.
Time: Tuesday’s 12:30PM to 2:30PM

Basic Education. All levels. Certificates in general education for adults.
Time: Tuesday’s 6PM to 8PM

Level 2 ESL - Certificate 2 in spoken and written English.
Time: Wednesday’s 9:30AM to 12PM

Beginner ESL and basic literacy. All levels.
Time: Thursday’s 9:30AM to 12PM

Basic Computer skills. Productivity tools, Internet/Email/Communications, keeping safe online, social media.
Time: Thursday’s 12:30PM to 2:30PM

Beginner’s reader group. Level 1 ESL - Certificate 1 in spoken and written English.
Time: Friday’s 9:30AM to 12PM

Certificate 1 in Transition Education.
Time: Saturday’s 9:30AM to 12PM