History Of Amaroo



It all started when…

Amaroo started as an old Salvation Army Church, which then turned into the Amaroo Op-Shop.

The Op-Shop was run by a local couple Husband and Wife as Volunteers and also offered a Bicycle reconditioning service, where children from the local area would bring their bicycles in to get fixed, re-spoked, new tyres, chains etc.

Over the years, as community needs grew, extensions were granted to add the Kitchen, disable toilets and Rooms 1 &2.

It then became a, Op-Shop and Child Minding Centre where families were able to drop in at their convenience and have their children looked after on a needs basis.

As community needs grew and changed, the Centre made way for the W.A.L.P Office area, Classroom as well the Amaroo Office.

From that point on, it slowly became a Neighbourhood Centre that facilitated a variety of community groups, classes, programs, and activities which was able to assist the local community and encourage inclusion and diversity.

Amaroo provides a welcoming place for people to meet, develop their skills, share experiences and gain support from each other. A place to get a bargain in the op-shop, some advice or just "a cuppa" and a chat. A place to band together with other members of the community and find solutions to the problems which affect their community, our community, at large.

Here at Amaroo we provide a large range of programs, classes, activities, parenting support groups, health related programs etc. We run our programs mindful of the fact that we operate in a low income area and so charge only modest fees.
The centre and its activities are open to all members of the community, without exception.

The Committee of Management, which is elected annually from members of the community, centre users and any other interested persons, is responsible and accountable for the effective management of all funds, employees and activities of the centre.

We have a large volunteer register, these people play a very important role in the running of programs etc. Volunteers pick up bread twice a week from local bakeries and this is bagged and handed out to those who need it.
The centre also allow students on work placement, or students from other agencies, to participate in all aspects of the centre as volunteers.

We can offer referral services to any other Neighbourhood Centre or associated agency.